1. I made a little folio site for my writing and cartoons.

  2. thebristolboard:

    Two original illustrations by Gary Panter.

  3. fuckyeahtattoos:

    My dear Bill Murray tattoo. Placement is on thigh.

    Done by Wojciech Jelen in Bleksmiðjan, Reykjavík Iceland.

  5. drake-ramoray:

    I wanna thank the universe for this gifset

    (Source: hodorhodorhodooor, via dreamonkid27)

  6. I was listening to Ignition when I saw this and it really worked.

    (via monsterpussy)


  8. jasonawilson:

    (Institute for Public Affairs Director John Roskam pulled a quote from one of my columns for the IPA’s latest fund-raising letter. This morning i sent him this note of thanks.)

    SUBJECT: Campaign contribution.

    Mr Roskam,

    Thanks for mentioning my Guardian column in your latest fund-raising…

    Very nice.

  10. Old mate Tony Blair and Georgie B havin’ a larf.